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Explore the diverse benefits of music education at W.E Music School. Our curriculum not only cultivates technical skills and artistic flair for performances but also emphasizes cognitive development, nurturing an appreciation for the arts, and instilling self-discipline—an all-encompassing approach beyond mastering notes and instruments.

Since our establishment on October 10, 2004, our commitment to imparting invaluable skills remains steadfast. We seamlessly integrate perseverance, willpower, skill development, and the joy of practice into daily teaching, shaping well-rounded musicians for a transformative musical journey at W.E Music School. 

Our legacy is defined by numerous musical talents nurtured over the years, achieving remarkable success in ABRSM assessments and esteemed examinations, participating in competitions, and delivering stellar performances. At W.E Music School, our professional, stable, and ample teaching team takes pride in welcoming budding musicians from age 4 to adults, guiding each on a musical journey toward realizing their vision.

Embark on a musical journey and let W.E Music School accompany and enrich your life!


At our music school, we recognize the natural and practical laws that shape musical education. Achieving progress and reaping the benefits of learning instrumental music within the ideal scope or established goals involves not only understanding these laws but also implementing thoughtful policies and effective strategies.

Guided by our aspirations, we envision a musical community where every student, under the guidance of our dedicated teachers, not only gains technical proficiency but also develops a deep and lasting passion for the art. Our vision extends beyond just teaching music; we aim to create an environment where creativity, self-expression, and a love for music can thrive.

Our mission is to provide a transformative musical education that goes beyond conventional learning. We are committed to the holistic development of each student, acknowledging the important relationship between teacher and student. Our teachers, experienced in their craft, are dedicated to guiding and nurturing the musical abilities of our students.
We emphasize the value of consistent practice, viewing it not just as a way to improve skills but also as a form of self-expression. Recognizing progress as a collaborative effort, teachers serve as mentors, and students actively participate in their musical growth. Even on weeks when practice might be less extensive, we encourage students to attend lessons. Our teachers, through personalized guidance, ensure that every lesson is a valuable opportunity for learning and refinement.

In line with our mission, we have established policies to create a conducive learning environment. Students are expected to provide a minimum of 24 hours' notice if unable to attend a lesson, showing commitment to the learning process and respecting the time and effort invested by teachers and fellow students. Additionally, we discourage casual skipping of lessons, emphasizing the importance of each session in overall musical development.
Our policies reflect a shared responsibility for success, where teachers and students collaborate towards the common goal of musical excellence. Through this cooperative approach, we believe that every student can unlock their full potential and experience the transformative power of music."

Music Exams

At our music school, we take pride in offering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for examinations by renowned institutions such as ABRSM, Trinity, and the Central Conservatory of Music. From Grade 1 to Diploma levels, our tailored programs provide a structured and enriching learning experience.

WE Classical Music School
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