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Music itself has the ability that could lead learner's lives better. It's reflected in " more stability, higher anesthetic and better self-discipline.  
How to make the above points be successfully received and developed by the learners it is our biggest project and pursuit goal for many years. 
Therefore, the qualifications and abilities have always been the focus of W.E Music School .
Now, join us and let us help you to achieve and own your musical dreams because W.E have accurate teaching concept and a faculty that we can be proud of.

Assurance of Musical Instrument Quality


Top quality instruments, reasonable price and friendly after-sales service, these are the business principles of ' WE Classical Music'. With over 30 years of experience in musical instrument sales, we personally selected and brought to you the best instruments from the West and the East. Our goal is to help our customer finds their ideal instrument at reasonable price.

Come and visit in our new showroom located in Pakuranga.


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