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What Lessons WE Offer

WE Offer Piano Lessons

Explore the beauty of piano melodies—the most popular instrument at our school.


WE Offer Guitar Lessons

Strum your way into music with our expert guitar lessons.


WE Offer Guzheng Lessons

Unleash the rich tapestry of Chinese music with our expert guzheng lessons.

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Music Exams

At our music school, we take pride in offering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for examinations by renowned institutions such as ABRSM, Trinity, and the Central Conservatory of Music. From Grade 1 to Diploma levels, our tailored programs provide a structured and enriching learning experience.


WE Offer Violin Lessons

Discover the timeless charm of the violin with our skilled instructors.


WE Offer Erhu Lessons

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of the erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument, through our specialized lessons.


WE Offer Yangqin Lessons

Experience the captivating tones of the yangqin, a traditional Chinese hammered dulcimer, guided by our skilled instructors.


Our Services

Yang Qin With William

Want to learn how to play an authentic Chinese Instrument? Why not try Yang Qin!

30min | $40.00

45min | $55.00

60min | $70.00

Er Hu With Tanya

Want to learn how to play an authentic Chinese Instrument? Why not try Er Hu!

30min | $40.00

45min | $55.00

60min | $70.00

Live Performances

We offer performances for all type of events and functions. 

Price On Application

For price quotes and more information please contact us.

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