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Mandy - 钢琴老师


李有来 - 小提琴老师

Alec is a local to East Auckland, has a strong passion for both teaching and performing the Violin. He has completed his Bachelors of Music with First Class Honours in Violin Performance at The University of Auckland where he studied under Andrew Beer and Elizabeth Holowell. He was the recipient of scholarships such as Stanley Forbes Music Trust award, IRMTNZ Schubert and Lysaght awards and University of Auckland First in Course awards.


As an active performer, he regularly performs in chamber ensembles and also in orchestras. He has also performed internationally in music festivals and concerts such as the Eurochesteries International Music festival, Akaroa International Music festival,

China International Youth Arts festival and the Tianjin Art Season and recently a twelve city concert tour with University of Christchurch faculty members where he was the soloist of the New Baroque Generation ensemble. He is currently a member of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra where he has been playing since 2020. He has played under the baton of notable conductors such as Giordano Bellincampi, Shi-Yeon Sung, James Feddeck and Gilbert Varga.


Alec has had the privilege of being invited to play in masterclasses from international artists such as, Charles Castleman, Clara Jumi Kang, Clio Gould, Johnathan Morton, Ioana Cristina Goicea, Hellen Weiss, Brodsky Quartet and has worked closely with esteemed University professors based in Europe such as Robin Willson, Sebastian Harman, Muriel Cantoreggi, Katrin Scholz. Beyond his performances, Alec finds great joy in teaching the violin to students of all ages and levels. He has served as a tutor in programs like the NZ International Young Artist festival and the APO Orchestral Summer School programmes sharing his expertise and nurturing young talents.

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大卫 - 钢琴老师

David has been working with WE Classical Music since 2020 both as a private piano tutor and accompanist. Graduated with a Bachelor of Music/Commerce degree from the University of Auckland, David has won various awards and was awarded the Swedlund Music Bursary Scholarship Award from the University of Auckland in 2021. David was also awarded 1st place in the IRMTNZ Scholarship Competitions in the DD O’Connor Instrumental and Piano Scholarship in 2021 and 2nd prize in the IRMTNZ Scholarship Competitions - Margaret Doone Sonata Competition in 2023. He has also received top three awards from other competitions such as the NSPAS. 


David has a wide range of musical experiences and also received the Haydn Staples & Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Piano Scholarship in 2024. David is also a passionate chamber pianist and collaborative pianist. His piano-percussion quartet was awarded first prize at the 2023 University of Auckland Chamber Competition.

茉莉花 - 钢琴老师

刘茉莉 (Jasmine Liu) 一生对音乐的热爱始于她 4 岁时发现钢琴。她目前正在奥克兰大学攻读音乐教育学位,并已从事教学工作三年多。

作为一名专注的音乐教育者,Jasmine 耐心且量身定制的方法使各个年龄段的学生受益匪浅,从初学者到成年人,重新点燃了他们的音乐热情。她的与众不同之处在于她能够激发和培养学生对音乐的深刻欣赏。她不仅传授技术,还灌输对音乐的形状和感觉的深刻理解。她的教学证明了她的承诺及其对学生的显着影响,学生们很幸运在他们的音乐之旅中拥有如此熟练且鼓舞人心的教育家。

Patti Li.png

钢琴教师,Patti Li

来自台湾的Patti Li,于2020年通过TRINITY college London ATCL piano recital 并得到 Distinction 的 Diploma 证书。也曾获奥克兰音乐教师协会高级奖学金(BOP BRANCH) 现就读于奥克 兰大学钢琴系,曾多次获得奥大Scholarship. 2021 得到Tauranga 歌剧理事会钢琴奖项 及Richard Carey 钢琴第一名。教学方面,Patti Li 的多名学生在ABRSM 和TRINITY 的 考试中获得Distinction 的优秀成绩。

陈源 - 钢琴老师

Chenyuan has pursued his education at esteemed institutions, including the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and the University of Music in Łódź, Poland. Currently, he is further honing his craft through the classical piano performance program at the University of Auckland's Music School. Along the way, he's had the privilege of learning from distinguished mentors such as Professor Jiao Shao, a composer, Professor Li Xiaoling from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music's Piano Department, and the illustrious Polish pianist Mariusz Drzewicki, who also heads the Piano Department at the University of Music in Łódź, to name a few. Presently, he's continuing his musical journey under the tutelage of piano maestro Stephen de Pledge.


Chenyuan’s forte lies in delivering captivating renditions of piano music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras.


When it comes to teaching, Chenyuan believes in a harmonious blend of theory and practice, igniting students' potential and creativity by instilling a deep appreciation for the precision and artistry of traditional music styles.


詹亚伦 - 钢琴老师

Aaron Chiam 是一名来自马来西亚的全日制学生,也是我们备受推崇的音乐学校的一位充满热情的兼职钢琴老师。凭借15年非凡的钢琴家经验和11年在著名合唱团的经历,亚伦在担任合唱团主席期间不仅发展了钢琴和歌唱天赋,而且在教学和指挥方面也表现出了卓越的能力。通过结合他丰富的音乐知识和天生的教学技巧,亚伦可以根据每个学生的需求采取不同的教学方法。亚伦是一位敬业的老师,他不断寻求提高学生的钢琴和音乐能力,同时通过他友好和引人入胜的教学风格培养对音乐的真正热爱,优先考虑正确的钢琴技巧和练习。

Jose Riquelme - Violin Teacher

Jose Riquelme is a Chilean violinist with an outstanding musical and educational career. He began his violin studies in 2000 and in 2013 he entered the University of Talca, Chile, where he graduated in 2018 with highest distinction, earning the degrees of Professor of Music Education and Performer with mention in violin and Orchestral Conducting.


His orchestral experience in Chile includes five years as an active member of the University of Talca Orchestra and participation in Concepción Citizen Orchestra, as well as one year in the South Maule Philharmonic Orchestra. He has honed his skills in instances such as a Chamber Music Masterclass in Frutillar, Chile, and the Santa Catarina International Festival (FEMUSC) in Brazil.


In the educational field, Jose is certified in Philosophy and Suzuki Methodology levels 1 and 2 for violin and has completed several courses with a pedagogical approach. With over 10 years of teaching experience in violin and music in general, he adopts a learning approach based on positive reinforcement and ensemble learning.

Dave Xiao.png

小提琴教师Dave Xiao

Dave Xiao自幼四岁开始学习小提琴,拥有三年教学经验,致力于为学生 

打下良好的基础,正确的方法和演奏技巧, 教学特点充满热情,认真, 

并保持风趣。目前就读于奥克兰大学古典表演系,师从Mark Bennett, 

并于奥克兰大学交响乐团担任第一提琴。Dave Xiao出生于音乐家庭,父 



TianZuoQuan - Bamboo Flute Teacher

新西兰百花艺术团副团长兼艺术总监, 曾获上海市民族乐独奏比赛一 
《唢呐独奏:一枝花百鸟朝凤》, 《笛子独奏:霍拉舞曲等》


Sean Oasan  - Guitar/Electric Guitar Teacher 

Sean Guitar.jpg

Sean has been playing guitar for 16 years and graduated from The University of Auckland with a Bachelors in Music. While he mainly specialized in Classical Performance, he is also proficient across many styles and genres - both on the Acoustic and Electric guitar. He also has an understanding of other instruments such as the Ukulele, Bass, and Piano.

Coming out of his tertiary studies, he has directed his passion towards music education and teaching people of all ages and skill levels - to take from his own experiences and guide developing musicians in their understanding and musicianship. Sean has been teaching at WE Classical Music for the better part of 2 years, with students of various styles and experience levels. From primary school age to adults with working jobs. From fundamental note and TAB reading to concert level pieces on the big stage. Anyone and everyone is absolutely welcome to be guided through their musical journey. 

Sean also teaches across many different schools in the Auckland/Waikato regions such as various Pukekohe schools, Pokeno, Glenbrook, and Papakura Music School. Because of this, he has amassed 140+students total under his tutelage.

Tanya Li - Erhu Teacher

坦尼娅 10岁开始学习二胡,14岁就受邀在各种音乐会上进行独奏表演。

在她的音乐生涯中,她的演出足迹遍及中国各省市。 2004年,Tanya 与丈夫 William Yu 移民到新西兰。


  • 作为全职演奏家,拥有超过30年的华乐团音乐经验。

  • 2005年 - 在中国商务部部长屠龙永访华宴会上表演                   新西兰。

                 - 在惠灵顿国际爵士音乐节上表演。

  • 2006年——与奥克兰爱乐乐团合作演奏德国青年作曲家的作品并获得作曲比赛冠军。

                 - ​为新西兰短片《兰花花》录制音乐和表演。

  • 2008年 - 在惠灵顿为香港政府演出。

  • 2009年至今——积极参与奥克兰华人音乐家协会年度音乐会。

  • 2009 年至今 - 每年担任奥克兰女子文法学校亚洲意识项目的客座音乐家。

所有曲目均由 New Fusion Orchestra 演奏

由 Mikey Rockwell 在奥克兰厨房工作室录制、混音和母带制作。

Cresent Moon - New Fusion Orchestra
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Patti Li Guzheng.png

古筝教师 - Patti Li


名。也曾多次与学院乐团合作演出“临安遗恨” “秦土情”等顶级古筝协 


在教学方面,Patti Li 不但有着高水准的示范能力做为教学基础同时 


待与热情 !

于增齐 - 扬琴老师

William started to learn Yang Qin at 9 years old. He won the first place in the National Music Competition of youth group of nationwide of China when he was 15.

William was admitted to the Liao Ning Province Song and Dance troupe at the age of 16. After four years he transferred back to his hometown Ying Kou Song and Dance Troupe as a full time musician.  

In 2004 William immigrated to New Zealand with his wife and son, in the same year he set up his music shop on Great South Road Epsom Auckland.


Music Experience:

  • Over 30 years of musical experience in Chinese Orchestra as full time musician.

  • 2005 - performed at the banquet of Long Yong Tu the Chinese Commerce Minister visiting                        New Zealand.

                 - performed at International Jazz music festival in Wellington.

  • 2006 - worked with Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra playing the music composed by German young composer and won the composition contest.

                 - ​recorded music and performance for Kiwi's short movie' Lan Hua Hua'.

  • 2008 - performed for Hong Kong government in Wellington.

  • 2009 till present - actively involved in Auckland Chinese musician association for their annual concert.

  • 2009 till present - being featured as guest musician for the Asia Aware Programme for  Auckland Girl's Grammar School annually. 


Sunshine Over Tashiku Ergan - New Fusion Orchestra
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